What Is the Difference between a Smart Lock and an Electronic Lock?

Digilock Smart Locks and Digilock Electronic Locks are all smart locking systems, however, there are some differentiations between the two. Below are brief descriptions and use case scenarios for Digilock Electronic locks and Digilock Smart locks.

Digilock Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are operated by means of electric current using radio frequency identification (RFID) credential or an alphanumeric keypad code. Many Digilock® electronic locks feature capacitive sensing or Capacitive Touch, which uses the conductive touch of a human finger to activate the lock. Smart locks feature proximity sensing which expands on the capacitive sensing application to allow for a touch-free experience.

Digilock electronic locks are available in both keypad and RFID with either basic or advanced management which provide simplified programming, management, and audit trails. They are battery operated and each individual lock is self-contained meaning they are fully functional during a power outage. A key benefit to Digilock electronic locks is they are wire free offering flexibility and mobility for any environment.

Brenda, a Regional Manager of a bank, is in need of employee personal storage locks for each of her branch locations. There are around 20 employees at each branch who typically work 9-5pm, 4 to 6 days a week. Each employee will be assigned a locker and will use the same locker for every shift to store their personal belongings while at work. Brenda is looking for a management system where she can easily remove and assign access as needed, but she most likely will not have to do this often. She is not looking for robust reporting or analytics because she will be assigning and managing the locks herself. For this situation, a Digilock electronic lock using basic or advanced management system would be the perfect fit for Brenda and her bank branch employees.

Digilock Smart Locks
Digilock’s Smart locks communicate wirelessly with our network controller, which in turn serves as a communication hub back to the network management system, DigiLink. This allows Administrators to review, update, and audit locks remotely.

Administrators of DigiLink choose ideal functionality based on their organizational needs and end users are provided a unique Mobile ID, User Pin, or RFID credential to access their personal storage lock. Smart locks are also electronic, but their interconnected communication capabilities are what differentiates smart locks from electronic locks.

Frank is the Head of Facilities for a large tech company. He needs thousands of locks to be installed with minimal interruption to the company’s daily functions. The current locks will need to be retrofitted with state-of-the-art locks using a network management system capable of a highly robust reporting and auditing system. Frank is onsite part-time so he will need to be able to access any lock at any time. Digilock smart locks using the DigiLink Management system will give Frank the peace of mind he needs to manage a network of locks for a large corporate building.


No matter your organization’s needs, there is a Digilock electronic or smart lock that is perfect for you. Contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives to learn more about Digilock Smart Locks and Digilock Electronic Locks.