Ask the Expert: How Does Design Impact Personal Security?

From health care to retail, electronic locking solutions have transformed how personal security is ensured.

Take health care, where carts with sensitive materials like medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and digital tablets storing personal information zip up and down hospital corridors. With keyless electronic locks, items can be secured while digital credentials like a key code, RFID tag, or Mobile ID can be given to staff for quick access when needed.

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With an integrated access control system, specific personnel can be given access to one area and excluded from another. In the past each department may have been managed separately, but digital locks employ a single footprint, reducing complexity and saving everyone time.

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In retail the potential for efficiencies and even new revenue streams abound. The last thing managers want is for their cashier to have a purse or bag beside them at the register. For that reason they’ve long provided storage lockers to use during shifts. But with old-fashioned mechanical locks, each worker would be assigned their own locker with a dial combination or key. With three shifts of 30 employees each, 90 lockers would be required. If turnover occurs, managers might be shut out.

With a digital solution, these issues are a thing of the past. By using shared access credentials, employees working different shifts can use the same locker, saving floor space. In addition, through products like Digilock’s PackageHold, free shipping can be offered on e-commerce purchases if customers agree to in-store pickup at a Smart Locker they’ve been granted access to. If lockers are strategically placed in the back of a store, shoppers are liable to make additional purchases as they traverse a location. Retail can also elevate curbside delivery programs with an automated pickup program for customers.

While health care and retail offer particularly strong examples, there is no industry that has gone untouched by the electronic lock revolution.