6G Smart Locks Are Built to Wirelessly Network

Smart Locks vs. Electronic Locks

While all smart locks are electronic, not all electronic locks are smart! Digilock’s smart locks come with our proprietary DigiLink network management software letting you control your entire Digilock system - antime and from anywhere. Whether down the hall or around the world, DigiLink lets your administrator remotely modify users and access privileges, monitor and control locks remotely, and perform audit trails or usage reports. Digilock's 6G smart lock systems are designed to grow and change with your organization's needs. The future of lock technology is here - and it's SMART.

Smart LocksCapabilitiesElectronic Locks
Designed for both new or retrofit installations
Dual functionality — shared or assigned use
Adaptable to multiple door thicknesses
Available in RFID or Keypad
ADA compliant
Lifetime Customer Support
Wireless connectivity through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Remotely manage users for set up and access
Remotely program lock functionality.
Set up for shared or assigned use
Mobile ID Access
Centralized Management using DigiLink Network Management System