Digilock 6G Smart Locks: Going to Work for the Workplace

Streamlining personal storage security with Digilock's smart lock technology

March 1, 2021

Digilock smart locks for workplace

With so much uncertainty facing companies today, Digilock’s latest evolution in smart lock technology aims to provide security within boundary less possibilities.

Digilock, the global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative, design-centric lock solutions for 40 years, launches its Sixth Generation (6G) of product lines to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving work landscape.The innovative smart technology allows users to access their workspaces, items, equipment, or packages through a variety of secure methods. Meanwhile, managers can virtually monitor and control access to various systems. For Digilock, the experience each user has with the product within each environment is just as important as the security.

Digilock’s suite of meticulously designed, wireless locks encourage businesses to design and redefine custom workspaces with security and care. Office furniture can help define new, flexible workspaces or hot desk zones; storage can be hidden in plain sight; and employees can feel safe returning to the office.

The new line of 6G smart locks — including the Aspire, Versa, and Orbit — are managed with DigiLink network management system which allows facilities to supervise their locks remotely and securely — from around the office to around the world. The networked locks make it easy to manage repeated access, shared use, or to accommodate new users for the dynamic needs of facilities and teams.

While all 6G products have the same unique features as being wireless for mobility, networked for remote management, and can be easily retrofitted to replace current electronic locks, there are distinct features to Aspire, Versa, and Orbit.

Aspire- Designed to function as handsomely as it fits, Aspire smart locks bring a new level of refinement everywhere they’re installed. Whether you’re designing for an office space or healthcare facility, Aspire offers you the perfect cabinet lock, locker lock, credenza lock and everything in between. 

Versa- No matter the orientation or location, Versa is ready to give you the security and the flexibility that your facility needs. Whether it’s for new construction or retrofit, Versa easily adapts to any of your storage security needs.

Orbit- Your secured storage requirements can come in all shapes and sizes. With Orbit smart lock, you have minimal footprint with maximum possibilities - right where you need it. And when you combine Orbit with DigiLink’s Network Management, you can control your Orbit smart lock from anywhere.

The DigiLink network management system and 6G smart lock product line allow ultimate convenience and control to keep your facility safe and sound.

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