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Serrature intelligenti Smart LockGestione delle serrature in rete 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, tramite il software proprietario DigiLink®

Curve Smart Lock


Aspire Smart Lock


Versa Smart Lock


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Serrature elettronicheGestione tramite chiave di programmazione semplificata (Base) o tablet mobile (Avanzato)

Curve Electronic Lock


Aspire Electronic Lock


Versa Electronic Lock


Orbit Electronic Lock


Modelli Legacy

Numeris Versa Lock

Numeris Versa

Numeris Aspire Lock

Numeris Aspire

Axis Electronic Lock

NextLock Axis

Cue Electronic Lock

NextLock Cue

Sola Electronic Lock

NextLock Sola

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General FAQ

Funzionalità serrature

What standard options does DigiLock offer for keyless locks?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or Digital Keypad.

Does Digilock offer Bluetooth locks?

Yes, please check out Digilock 6G Smart Locks or contact sales@digilock.com to learn more.

What is Shared Use Mode?

In Shared Use Mode, locks remain unlocked until actively locked by a user. The user can select any unused, unlocked unit and enter their self-selected code (keypad locks) or present an RFID credential (RFID locks) to the lock. The lock will remain locked until unlocked by the same code or RFID credential. Once unlocked, the code or RFID credential is no longer stored and the unit is available for use by another user.

What is Assigned Use Mode?

In Assigned Use Mode, the lock is programmed to allow access by a specific set of codes or RFID credentials. In this functionality, the lock will only operate with the preprogrammed credentials. The lock automatically locks when closed unlike the Shared Use Mode locks.

How many users can access an Assigned Use lock?

Depending on the lock model, selected Assigned Use locks may be programmed to accept 1 or 1-20 credentials or 1-250 if they have the tablet (code, key, or RFID).

Can Digilock keyless locks be integrated into a client’s building or security system for monitoring?

Digilock has several keyless lock options, and Digilock’s 6G Networked Smart Locks have advanced functionality to allow integration with other systems.

Do Digilock keyless locks require electricity?

Digilock offers simple-to-install wire-free locks powered by extended-life batteries for retrofits or new installations and hardwired locks for installation in new, stationary furniture and lockers.

What type of battery is required?

Different lock models require distinct types of batteries. Please contact support@digilock.com or utilize our support chat online to learn more.

General battery information:

Replace with premium alkaline batteries. We recommend Duracell or Energizer batteries. Do not mix battery brands or use rechargeable batteries. Dispose or recycle used batteries according to local regulations.

When do I need a bolt verses latch?

Bolt locks are typically needed for shared-use applications and are designed to be in an unlocked position when not in use. Like a hotel safe, the lock will be unlocked until a user enters a desired code or RFID credential to lock it. Only that same code or credential will unlock it. Once in the unlocked position, the lock is now ready for the next user.

  • Credential/Code is used to both lock and unlock
Latch locks are designed for assigned-use applications and are made to always be in the locked position. For assigned use, the user credentials/code are previously assigned to the lock/user. Only assigned credentials/codes will be able to operate the lock. The credential/code is used to unlock the locker, then after 6 seconds the latch will automatically return to the locked position
  • Credential/Code is only needed to unlock

Impostazione iniziale e programmazione

How do I specify my lock as Shared or Assigned Use?

All Digilock Keypad and RFID locks can be programmed for either Shared or Assigned Use. During order placement, please specify your preferred functionality.

How many Programming Keys do I need?

Specify only one (1) Programming Key per site. Programming Keys are required to set up and maintain the system. Locks will only work with one Programming Key.

How many Manager Keys do I need?

Each lock may be programmed for access by up to six (6) Manager Keys.

How many User Keys do I need?

The US Access Board requires 5% of all openings to be ADA compliant, so if you have 100 locks, we suggest having a minimum of 5 User Keys available. User Keys allow ADA-complaint operation of the lock for those unable to operate the lock via the standard operating procedure.

How do I use Programming Keys, Manager Keys and User Keys?

To use keys, prongs located on the end of the key must be touched to the key slot of the lock. For successful operation, be sure all prongs make contact with the lock. Touching the key to the key slot does not require excessive force, if force is applied, key prongs may be damaged.

How do I know if a client badge will operate an RFID Lock?

Digilock RFID locks are compatible on 13.56 MHz frequency with both iClass (ISO 15693) and Mifare (ISO 14443). To be certain a badge will operate locks, a sample lock can be ordered to test compatibility.

Can a locked unit be accessed without the user credential?

Manager Keys, similar to a master key, will override the user credential requirement and allow access to the locked unit. Only Manager Keys programmed to access a specific lock during the programming phase will be able to access the unit.

How do I operate an RFID lock if a client badge is not compatible with the standard RFID lock?

RFID stickers that can be applied to employee badges are available for purchase.

Why can’t I begin using the locks in standard Shared Use Mode prior to completing the initial programming procedure?

The initial setup procedure assigns specific Programming and Manager Keys to each lock. Once the initial programming procedure is complete and keys have been assigned, the locks will be in full operating mode. This prevents potential lock out situations due to lost or forgotten codes.

Can the initial setup procedure be completed prior to shipment?

Due to the customizable features of the lock system, initial programming must be done at the site. It is best to complete initial setup once units are in place to allow for desired Manager Key access configurations by floor, department, etc.

I have a lot of locks to program. Is there a quicker way to program my locks?

The Programming Key can quickly program multiple locks to operate with the same Manager Keys once a lock is programmed with a set of Manager Keys. Follow the Express Register instructions found in the Troubleshooting Guide located within each product section below. If you do not find your product, please contact support@digilock.com.

How do I change a Digital Keypad lock from Shared Use to Assigned Use?

To go from shared to assigned use on a digital keypad lock:

Press the “C Button” followed by the “KEY Symbol Button”, “65”, then the “KEY Symbol Button” again. Finally, insert the Yellow Programming Key, the LED will change from red to green.

Note: This change can only be made to bolt latch products 4th Generation and up with keypad access. This will not work on RFID products.

To encourage users to vacate shared-use units after a certain amount of time, can you program locks to automatically unlock?

The following locks in shared-use mode can be programmed to automatically unlock within 1-99 hours

  • Digital Keypad
  • Digital RFID Networked (cloud-based
  • Advanced (tablet-based programming)
For more information, please contact support@digilock.com or utilize our support chat online to learn more.

Risoluzione dei problemi

How do I access a lock if the battery dies while in the locked position?

Both Manager Keys and Programming Keys will provide temporary power to a lock allowing lock to open so batteries may be replaced.

I have changed the batteries in my lock and it is still non-responsive. What should I do?

Ensure the battery harness is properly connected to the circuit board and that you are using premium high-alkaline batteries. We recommend Duracell CopperTop or Energizer brands. If the lock is still non-responsive after checking these two items, it may be a connection issue between the pins on the rear unit and the back of the front unit. To test, uninstall the lock and press the C button (keypad) or the Key button (RFID) several times while the front unit and rear unit are separated. Connect the front and rear units and test lock functionality before reinstalling the lock. If the error condition persists, contact support@digilock.com for assistance.

I hear rapid beeps followed by two sets of 3 beeps. Why is my lock not operating?

The lock is binding due to low battery. For instructions, please click on your specific lock below and use the product guide found in the document library.

I hear rapid beeping from my lock. Why is my lock not operating?

The lock is binding. This can be due to door misalignment, incorrect installation, or excess pressure on the rear unit. If the lock is in the unlocked state, loosen the mounting hardware and attempt to operate the lock to test if the error condition persists. If the lock is still emitting the rapid beeping, uninstall the lock and test in hand. If the lock is in a locked state and you cannot access the rear unit (i.e., the door is locked), press on the door while operating the lock. If the error persists, contact support@digilock.com for assistance.

I ordered a new Manager Key. When I touch the key to my locks, the locks emit a single beep and do not operate. How do I program my new Manager Keys?

Follow the Add Manager Keys instructions within the Keyless Locking Programming, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide to program the Manager Keys to your locks.

I lost my Programming Key. How do I order a new one?


  1. Note the order or serial number (found on the lock’s rear unit).
  2. Please contact support@digilock.com or utilize our support chat to purchase a replacement Programming Key.

How do I reset my locks to factory default?

Yes, it is possible, but the instructions depend on the lock model. We recommend contacting support@digilock.com or chatting with us online.

I received my Reset Key. What do I do now?

Please contact support@digilock.com or utilize our support chat online to learn more.

I cannot access the lock. Do I need to complete the Drill Out Procedure?

On occasion, mechanical failure may require the lock to be drilled out. Prior to drilling out any Digilock keyless lock, all the following steps must be completed without success:

  1. The keys and code have been tried and the lock will not operate, and user’s items are locked inside the storage unit.
  2. The lock is binding in the locked position and putting pressure on the storage unit door while attempting to access the lock with the cod or keys fail to work.
  3. The lock is non-responsive in the locked position with the door shut and power jumping the lock using the Manager Key fails to operate the lock, even after changing the battery in the Manager Key.
  4. Digilock Support Department has been contacted for any additional recommendations and was unable to resolve the issue. Please contact support@digilock.com for assistance.

Can I schedule a video chat to train our employees how to use the product?

Yes. Training can be scheduled by contacting our support department: support@digilock.com.

Ordini e assistenza

How do I find pricing for locks?

Locks are quoted on a per project basis. Please contact your nearest dealer here or sales@digilock.com for a quote.

Where can I find my local distributor?

See dealers listed here. If you do not see a distributor near you, please call 1-800-989-0201 or email sales@digilock.com.

Why haven't I received my quote?

Contact sales@digilock to check the status of your quote or utilize our sales chat online.

What does prepaid mean on my quote?

Prepaid means we require payment before shipping.

What is the status of my order?

Contact sales@digilock.com to receive an update on your order or utilize our sales chat online.

What specific product did I receive?

All products either have a serial #, label, or a sales order # on the product. The quickest way to determine the specific product is to send an inquiry to support@digilock.com or utilize our support chat online.

What keys do I order for my keypad locks and are user keys required?

Contact sales@digilock.com to receive an update on your order or utilize our sales chat online.

How do I get replacement parts?

Contact the distributor or manufacturer where you originally purchased the products. Or inquire directly with Digilock at support@digilock.com.

How do I order strike plates?

Contact the distributor or manufacturer where you originally purchased the products. Or you can inquire directly with Digilock by calling 1-800-989-0201 or emailing support@digilock.com or utilize our support chat online.

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