Automated Doors with Digilock Curve, Aspire, Versa or Orbit Locks

Smart Locks

Keyless smart locks with cloud-based management for anytime, anywhere control

  • 24/7 networked lock management through proprietary DigiLink® software
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Keypad, RFID, or Mobile ID access
  • Integrates with existing access control systems and third party applications
  • Shared or Assigned Use functionality
  • Easy wire-free installation and seamless retrofit
  • ADA compliant options
  • Lifetime Digilock customer support
Aspire smart lock

Smart Locks with a seamless blend of form and function

  • Networked onsite/offsite management
  • Motorized opening with deadbolt or latch
  • Available in ultra slim surface mount
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Brushed Nickel or Matte Black finish

Smart Lock management in slim, versatile profile

  • Networked onsite/offsite management
  • Hand-turned cam operation
  • Options for knob style and orientation
  • Slim enough to retrofit over existing pedestal locks
  • Available in recessed or surface mounts
  • Brushed Nickel or Matte Black finish
Versa smart lock
Orbit smart lock

Super-discrete touch-free Smart Lock

  • Networked onsite/offsite management
  • Coin-sized low-profile design
  • Touch-free and auto-opening
  • Black or White
  • RFID and Mobile ID
  • Multi-directional locking orientation