HospitalityLocks to elevate the guest and staff experience

Why Digilock for hospitality

  • Simple to manage and monitor
  • Easy keyless access via PIN code, existing RFID keys, or Mobile-ID
  • Flexible functionality — shared use (guests rooms) or assigned use (staff lockers)
  • Versatile locks for drawers, cabinets, and other in-room furniture
  • Simple retrofit for existing furniture
  • Proven reliability over 40 years and millions of users

Popular keyless locks for in-room storage

Aspire Electronic Lock


Versa Electronic Lock


Orbit Electronic Lock


Sleek, secure, and simple to manage

Elevate your guest’s experience with Digilock’s keyless locks and effortlessly transform your hotel room furniture into secure spaces. Enjoy the modern convenience of keypad, mobile ID, or RFID-enabled access through phone app or room card. Stéphanie Amelsbeek, supervisor at Corendon Village Hotel, affirms the ease of use and exceptional guest satisfaction.

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Popular keyless lock usage


Staff Locker Locks


In-Room-Storage Locks


Spa and Fitness Locker Locks