Athlete Factory locker locks

Locker LocksLocks designed for simple management and easy access

Why Digilock for health & fitness

  • Simple to manage, open, and audit
  • Easy keyless access via PIN code, existing RFID badge, or Mobile-ID
  • Flexible functionality — shared use or assigned use
  • Modern design to upgrade the locker room experience
  • Simple retrofit for existing lockers
  • Proven reliability — Digilock is recognized as the global leader, delivering more than 40 years of innovation and performance

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Durable, dependable, and easy to manage

Digilock’s user-friendly keyless locks are the perfect addition to gyms, health clubs, and spas that prioritize the security and comfort of their guests. Available in various styles and functions, our locks remove the concern of misplaced keys, offering a smooth experience for your patrons so they can fully enjoy their spa treatment or workout. Ani Stoyanova from Rocycle attests to their ease of use.

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