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Flexible By Design

Slim, versatile, and meticulously designed, Versa adds security to any storage space, from drawers to lockers and beyond. With multiple configurations, a wireless design, and a hand-turned cam, Versa seamlessly adapts to the needs of your facility.

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How do you want to access your lock?

Vertical Standard Bottom Keypad
Vertical Standard Top Keypad
Vertical Mini Bottom Keypad
Vertical Mini Top Keypad
Horizontal Standard Left Keypad
Horizontal Standard Right Keypad
Horizontal Mini Left Keypad
Horizontal Mini Right Keypad
Vertical Standard Bottom RFID
Vertical Standard Top RFID
Vertical Mini Bottom RFID
Vertical Mini Top RFID
Horizontal Standard Left RFID
Horizontal Standard Right RFID
Horizontal Mini Left RFID
Horizontal Mini Right RFID
Vertical Hybrid Bottom Key
Vertical Hybrid Top Keypad
Horizontal Hybrid Left Keypad
Vertical Mini Top RFID
Vertical Hybrid Bottom RFID
Vertical Hybrid Top RFID
Horizontal Hybrid Left RFID
Vertical Mini Top RFID
Versa Standard Keypad Bottom
Versa Standard Keypad Top
Versa Mini Keypad Bottom
Versa Mini Keypad Top
Versa Standard Horizontal Keypad Left
Versa Standard Horizontal Keypad Right
Versa Mini Horizontal Keypad Left
Versa Mini Horizontal Keypad Right
Versa Standard RFID Bottom
Versa Standard RFID Top
Versa Mini RFID Bottom
Versa Mini RFID Top
Versa Standard Horizontal RFID Left
Versa Standard Horizontal RFID Right
Versa Mini Horizontal RFID Left
Versa Mini Horizontal RFID Right
Versa Hybrid Keypad Bottom
Versa Hybrid Keypad Top
Versa Hybrid Horizontal Keypad Left
Versa Hybrid Horizontal Keypad Right
Versa Hybrid RFID Bottom
Versa Hybrid RFID Bottom
Versa Hybrid Horizontal RFID Left
Versa Hybrid Horizontal RFID Right
Keypad Standard Body with Handle on BottomDownload Brochure

Options to suit every need


  • All-metal housing
  • Advanced auto unlock
  • Visual and audible indicators
  • Accessible/ADA options
  • IP55 rated, FCC, CE and IC certified

Access Options

  • Keypad
  • RFID
  • Mobile Access
  • Mobile ID
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Electronic Key

Functionality Options

  • Shared Use
  • Assigned Use
  • Parcel Pickup
    (networked locks only)
  • Reservation
    (networked locks only)


  • Designed for new or retrofit installations
  • Adaptable to multiple door thicknesses
  • 90° or 180° knob rotation, clockwise or counter-clockwise to unlock

Finish Options

brushed nickel finish

Brushed Nickel

matte black finish

Matte Black

Locking Options

flat cam

Flat Cam

lifter cam

Lifter Cam

offset cam

Offset Cam

slam cam

Slam Cam
(Assigned Use only)

Welcome to the evolution of lock technology

Versa offers multiple management options to choose from: Basic, Advanced, and Networked Management.

management keys

Basic Management

An electronic key system for reliable and cost-effective management override, security, and flexibility.

  • Electronic override, programming, and reset
  • Single key management for flexibility and security
  • Simple replacement for lost or stolen Flex Keys
management keys

Advanced Management

An electronic key and tablet system for easier, more detailed management.

  • White Data Key and Tablet can assign up to 250 users and 250 black Manager Keys per lock.
  • Audit lock activity
  • Visual battery-level indicator
  • Access data analytics

Networked Management

DigiLink® proprietary cloud-based software works with every Digilock Smart Lock to provide global management, anytime access, and 24/7 peace of mind.

  • Remotely manage access, locks, and users
  • Assign or remove credentials instantly
  • Custom dashboard for ultimate visibility and reporting
  • View audit trail and usage data analytic reports
  • Soc2 Type II certified


For detailed product support or use, visit the support page.