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Next-level locker security

  • Simple to manage, open, and monitor
  • Easy-to-use keyless access via PIN code, existing RFID badge, or Mobile-ID
  • Flexible functionality — shared use (guests) or assigned use (players and staff)
  • Customizable to seamlessly integrate into to any locker room design
  • Simple retrofit for existing custom lockers and locker rooms
  • Proven reliability over 40 years and millions of users
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Curve Electronic Lock


Aspire Electronic Lock


Versa Electronic Lock


Orbit Electronic Lock


Sleek, secure, and easy to use

Elevate the locker room experience for athletes and staff with Digilock's durable, adaptive, and easy-to-manage keyless locks. Designed specifically for the modern needs of professional and collegiate athletic teams, Digilock's state-of-the-art locker locks meet the highest security standards while bringing a winning aesthetic to your locker room.

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