Mechanical Locks

Simple, durable, battery-free solutions

Digilock reliability and innovation in mechanical options

  • Battery-free; no operating costs once installed
  • Reliable and affordable choice for locker rooms
  • Simple drill-free retrofit
  • Ease-of-use, including user selected codes and
    auto-scramble (Cleo only)
  • Durable all-metal housing
  • Accessible/ADA options
  • Lifetime Digilock customer support
Cleo locks

Innovative battery-free, wire-free, maintenance-free combination lock

  • Wireless and battery-free
  • Time and cost-saving electronic key management
  • Built-in numeric combination dials
  • Self-selected 4-digit codes
  • Auto-scramble for security
  • Shared or assigned use

Classic combination lock with stylish functionality

  • Battery-free, non-electronic lock
  • Automatic opening
  • Built-in numeric combination dials
  • Laser cut key and reset tool management