Where Can You Find Digilock Locks? Everywhere controlled access is needed

Enhancing security and convenience with Digilock locker locks

January 5, 2023

With more than 40 years of experience in keyless lock solutions, Digilock has earned a reputation as the locker room leader. Many know our products from using the locker locks at spas and fitness clubs, yet our expertise extends to numerous Pro and College sports team locker rooms.

San Francisco 49er's Locker Room
San Francisco 49’ers Locker room

All the more, Digilock products answer the storage security needs for a variety of industries and a range of applications. The simple fact is: Digilock locks can be found wherever controlled access is needed.

One of those places is the Workspace. In work environments where storage security can apply to a variety of office furniture, Digilock offers solutions for credenza locks, file cabinet locks, supply cabinet locks, and closet door locks.

The recent popularity of hybrid workspaces and flexible workforces have created the demand for computer workstation locks. Many companies are now asking their flex employees to work at unassigned “hot desks” on a first come, first serve basis. With a swipe of a badge over a Digilock RFID lock, the workstation equipment can now be made available for use to any authorized person.

RFID lock
Digilock’s Orbit RFID lock

This hybrid working world is also increasing demand for desk drawer locks and storage locker locks, so workers can safely secure their belongings. That’s in addition to the personal storage locker locks common in onsite company gyms.

Keyless Lock
Digilock’s Versa keyless lock

Hospitals and other healthcare environments have their own specific demands. You might see employee personal storage locker locks from Digilock as well as the locks on staff changing room lockers, health record computer access locks, supply drawer and cabinet locks and medicine cart locks. Professions that require significant oversight for controlled substance access will benefit from Digilock Smart Locks, a popular choice for drug cabinet locks and pharmacy drug cabinets that provide 24/7 management from the cloud and usage and audit trail reports.

Hospital Cabinet Lock
Digilock cabinet and storage locker locks in an emergency exam room

Digilock locks are also increasingly welcome in Hospitality. Hotel room guests can forgo the cramped in-closet safe and instead securely store their belongings in any existing drawer, armoire or Digilock closet lock that has been retrofitted for design-friendly personal storage security.

In-room guest storage lock
Roomy, secure in-room guest storage in Digilock secured cabinets and drawers

Other industries taking advantage of Digilock locker locks include Retail and Manufacturing (employee personal belonging storage), Education (student, staff and sports team lockers), Governmental (evidence lockers, changing room lockers), and many more.

In fact, Digilock has long collaborated with customers and furniture makers to create industry-specific lock solutions.

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