Digilock RFID Locks

RFID Lock Systems - The Touchless Advantage by Digilock

What kind of user access works best for your organization? When you choose Digilock keyless locks, you have a choice of three popular options: RFID locks, Mobile ID locks, and Keypad locks.

Today we take a closer look at RFID locks.

What are RFID Locks?

RFID locks (Radio Frequency Identification), use radio waves to communicate between an in-lock Reader and a User ID to grant or deny access. Unlike traditional locks that require a physical key to open, RFID locks use touchless access. When a User ID — typically embedded in an ID badge or fob — comes within close proximity of an RFID lock, the RFID reader picks up the authorized signal and grants access to the lock.

If the organization already has RFID employee IDs, that same badge or fob can be used to provide access to a variety of RFID locks, including lockers, cabinets, pedestals, medicine carts, secured merchandise displays, or anywhere controlled access is needed. RFID lock technology can be found in Digilock’s Smart and Electronic Locks.

The Benefits of RFID Lock Technology

Touchless Access: RFID technology is more than convenient. Because RFID locks don’t require as much physical contact, they’re also more sanitary – considered an increasingly important benefit for many.

Security Advantage: RFID lock IDs tend to be highly encrypted, making them harder to replicate than a traditional key.

Automated features: Digilock RFID locks can automate a number of functions, including timed auto-unlock, remote user set-up and access, and the ability to program lock function from anywhere. Advanced RFID features are available in Digilock Smart Locks.

Shared or Assigned Use Capabilities

Digilock’s latest lock technology provides for Shared or Assigned RFID lock functionality for an individual or multiple users.

For a simple day-use solution, Shared Use functionality allows credentialed User or Users to access any available storage space with a valid RFID lock credential. When the current user is done, and the storage space is vacated, the RFID Lock remains open and ready for the next user and RFID credential.

For a longer-term assigned storage, Assigned Use lets management program single or multiple RFID credentials to the lock for the User or Users. Each user presents the assigned RFID credential to unlock the select unit. To lock, the user simply closes the door to activate the auto-relock feature.

How are RFID locks managed?

There are several ways to manage Digilock RFID locks, including:

  • Cloud Management: A Networked RFID lock is managed via the cloud, providing 24/7 remote management and robust usage reporting. Our Digilock Smart Locks are managed with our proprietary DigiLink® software.
  • Advanced Management: Digilock Advanced management includes a dedicated mobile device, application, and electronic key. These non-networked locks are managed on-premise and have select usage reporting capabilities.
  • Basic Management: Basic management uses an electronic key to serve non-networked RFID locks, providing a reliable and cost-effective security option.

Digilock RFID locks are technologically advanced, simple to install, and easy to use.

You can learn more about our RFID locks and other locks @digilock.com.