Industry Spotlight: Hotel Design with Smart Lock Solutions

Innovations in hotel design: Spotlight on Smart Lock solutions

July 28, 2020

The hospitality industry has been changing their protocols to meet COVID-19 social distance and sanitization standards. Hotels are primarily designed to accommodate many guests at a time, with multiple surfaces being touched throughout the day. As hotels continue plans for reopening, Hospitality Designers and Architects are experiencing a new set of challenges.

As a Business Development Manager at Digilock, Mike Murray partners with the hospitality industry and understands the challenges hotels are currently facing:

“The hospitality industry is having to adapt like never before: Controlling thermostats, adjusting light switches, activating storage locks, and moving towards technology integrated on the guests' phone—keeping all access to entertainment, room amenities and storage at the touch of a button.”

While short term solutions such as lobby sanitation stations and frequent surface cleaning are now being implemented, Business Insider predicts long-term solutions that continue to protect hotel guests and employees for years to come will rely on the innovations of contactless technology

Hotel rooms typically come with storage safes operated by a unique user code. A cost effective replacement for these heavy, expensive, and small security safes is to install electronic furniture locks on closets, cabinets or drawers.

RFID or Keypad controlled electronic cabinet locks are just one long term solution that allow guests to store any sized items safely and securely without the limitation of a small safe. Additionally, an IP55 rated keypad can withstand harsh cleaning agents, allowing for quick sanitation after every use.


In response to the new safety measures hotels are required to implement, Mike explains, “Hospitality Senior Designers and Architects are redesigning hotels with a focus on multifunctionality to meet public health concerns and the needs of guests. I am currently working with hotel designers and architects to find short and long-term solutions to solve their challenges now while also preparing for future guest scenarios.”

For more information on how to reduce contact in the hospitality industry, connect with Digilock here.

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