Securing the Modern Workplace with Keyless RFID Locks

How RFID locks enhance workplace security and access control

December 21, 2023

While the concept of the workplace is rapidly evolving, one thing hasn’t changed: the need for workplace security. But traditional security tools like lock-and-key systems are rapidly changing, too. More convenient and flexible access and security technologies are becoming the standard for secure workplace storage, and keyless RFID solutions (Radio Frequency Identification) are leading the way.

The rise of RFID technology in the workplace

The use of RFID electronic locks in the workplace has seen a significant uptick in recent years thanks to their advanced security features that offer touchless and efficient security across a variety of storage applications, including file cabinets, pedestals, credenzas, and employee lockers. Installations are wire-free and can easily be retrofitted into existing setups without significant downtime.

The convenience of going keyless

The fact is, nobody misses fumbling with or misplacing their keys or having to replace them when they’re lost or stolen. It’s a hassle for everyone and an added cost for the business. With RFID locks, employees can secure their valuables with a tap of their RFID badge or fob, making the start and end of their workday smoother and more efficient. If an organization already utilizes RFID employee IDs, the same ID can be used to access authorized RFID locks throughout the office, simplifying the user experience with a single access credential and fortifying security by minimizing the points of potential breach.

RFID locks don’t have to be networked

RFID locks can operate independently without being connected to a network. Networked Smart Locks provide added features like remote access and monitoring, but you can still take advantage of the touchless advantages of RFID without any networked connection. Digilock’s RFID electronic locks are available on any of our management levels. Deciding which management system suits you depends on the number of locks and the needed features.

Elevating security with RFID file cabinet locks

Confidentiality is critical in any business setting, and file cabinets are a traditional security hotspot. RFID file cabinet locks offer an added layer of security for sensitive documents. Unlike traditional locks, which can be vulnerable to picking, RFID locks utilize encrypted communication protocols and unique identifiers to prevent unauthorized access, ensuring that confidential files remain confidential. Digilock’s digital locker locks are available with advanced features, such as audit trails that log every access attempt. Flexible and scalable, the RFID solutions integrate with existing security systems and make it easy to add or remove access privileges as required.

The versatility of RFID locks

The modern workplace has put a premium on flexibility. RFID solutions have responded with next-level versatility. Digilock's Shared and Assigned Use features, available on both keypad and RFID locks, are designed to meet the storage requirements of both temporary and permanent users.

Shared Use is ideal for seasonal staff or guests who need a secure spot for their belongings on a day-to-day basis. With an authorized RFID credential, they can access any available unit, which then becomes available again once vacated.

Assigned Use is perfect for employees and managers who need permanent storage space. Management can program single or multiple RFID credentials to the lock for specific users, allowing each user to access their designated locker, pedestal, or credenza using their unique RFID credentials.

RFID locks: Better by design

Not to be overlooked is how RFID technology provides a seamless and low-profile approach to bringing enhanced security to office furniture, matching modern design sensibilities with advanced technology.

RFID file cabinet locks
Integrating RFID locks on pedestals and cabinets offers a quick, efficient, and convenient way to protect and retrieve office supplies and confidential materials. Authorized employees can quickly access the lock with a simple tap of their RFID badge, ensuring that sensitive documents remain secure while keeping the daily workflow uninterrupted.

RFID locks for credenzas
Credenzas are often used to store important documents, equipment, and devices. By installing RFID locks for credenzas, businesses can ensure that only authorized personnel can access these valuable assets while keeping potential intruders at bay.

Securing employee lockers with ease
In settings where employees store their personal items within high-traffic areas, RFID locks for employee lockers are the perfect solution. They provide fast-accessible, personal storage space that the company can easily monitor and manage. Employees can use their personalized RFID cards or key fobs to access their lockers effortlessly. In case of lost or stolen cards, access can be easily revoked and reprogrammed. Smart Locks even allow for instant reprogramming.

The future is keyless: Adopting RFID in your workplace

The integration of RFID technology into the workplace is more than a trend – it's a clear advantage, providing unparalleled convenience and accountability, robust security, and versatile applications that can be tailored to your workplace's specific needs.

Whether you're looking to upgrade existing locks or add new locks, consider the benefits that RFID file cabinet locks and RFID locks for credenzas can bring to your organization. While the upfront cost may be higher compared to traditional locks, the long-term savings from reduced rekeying and enhanced security make RFID a cost-effective choice.

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