Taking Charge: How Choosing and Recycling Batteries Makes an Earth Day Difference

Responsible battery disposal: A step towards a greener future

April 19, 2022

With Earth Day approaching, it’s a good time to think about the little things we can do to help the planet. What choices do we have? And what we can we do better.

If you’re using electronic lock solutions from Digilock, you’re making a difference. Approximately 62 percent of America’s electricity comes from burning fossil fuels*, generating the second largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike locks requiring electrical hook-ups, Digilock locks are powered entirely by extended-life batteries. As technological advancements create longer, more-efficient battery life, this off-the-grid option will have an even more positive long-term effect.

Proper Battery Disposal is Critical

But in order to fulfill their environmental value, proper disposal of batteries is critical. Depleted batteries should not be thrown into the trash — that typically leads to landfills where batteries can corrode and contaminate the groundwater. To fulfill their environmental value, proper disposal of batteries is critical. Depleted batteries thrown into the trash typically go to landfills, where they can corrode and contaminate the groundwater.

According to Battery Recyclers of America, the recycling of batteries delivers huge benefits to both the Earth and the people who live here. 

“Materials like lead-acid, cadmium and lithium-ion are amongst some of the most dangerous environmental pollutants. If not recycled properly they could easily end up on your dinner plate. But when they are used properly and safely, they do not pose a danger to us and others.”

Additionally, “Battery production companies use raw-earth materials like lithium, nickel, lead, cobalt to name a few, to create new batteries. The problem is these materials are non-renewable and are expensive to mine.

Recycling can help to extract the raw materials from used batteries and forward them to manufacturing companies for reuse. This also brings down the cost of new batteries. As a result, recycling conserves resources, reduces pollution and contributes to the economy all in one go.”

The good news is that recycling used batteries has never been easier. Each state has its own recycling regulations, and chances are your city has its own battery recycling resources. 

Earth911 maintains one of North America’s most extensive recycling databases, including all manner of batteries. Call2Recycle offers free battery recycling options to businesses as a public service.

You can find more battery information and recycling options through these resources:

Responsible battery disposal helps you enjoy the advantages of Digilock electronic locks. Batteries are easily installed requiring no electrician or tradesperson, saving facilities time and money. And because batteries work even in power outages, you can operate with even more peace of mind. 

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*Source: EPA