Workplace Storage Security Goes Beyond File Cabinet Locks

From keyed to keyless: The transformation of office storage security

June 27, 2023

Office space

Think file cabinet locks are the only way to provide secure storage in the work environment? Think again.

When you think about secure storage in the workplace, what pops into your head? Most people envision a locked file cabinet secured and accessed with a physical key.

But the way we work has changed. In today’s contemporary work environments, storage security goes well beyond that traditional locked file cabinet to include a new world of furniture and applications.

Flexible Hybrid Offices Are Changing How We Work

One reason is the changing workforce. More companies now offer hybrid work environments to accommodate flexible schedules, open floor plans, and rotating "first come, first serve" seating arrangements. Just like that, the average desk drawer requires a personal security solution. The good news is that employee storage and locker locks offer an ideal way to store personal items in the new work environment. With programming flexibility, office desk drawer locks can provide secure storage to whoever sits at that desk for the day.

Both hybrid and traditional work environments have discovered that document or supply storage options have expanded beyond file cabinet locks as more emphasis is placed on the workspace's aesthetics, flexibility, and functionality. In some workplaces, locking credenzas, locking supply closets, or a locking pedestal better suit the needs of the environment and the employees.

Wireless Smart Locks Are Making Management & Security Easier

And, then, there are the locks themselves. Consider the management and access headaches of traditional keyed locks, which are increasingly antiquated, given the keyless options available today. Just envision that vintage file cabinet lock. Instead of using a key to access the files, a credentialed staff member can use their RFID employee badge, work-related Mobile ID, or a pin code. And, if those keyless locks are Smart Locks, you can manage them anytime, anywhere, from the cloud — instantly assigning or removing credentials, or viewing audit trails and usage analytics. These advantages are now available with all types of office furniture or lockers, providing seamless, secure storage access.

Already have keyed locks? Don’t worry, you won’t need new office furniture. Digilock locks are easy to retrofit with a keyless, digital file cabinet lock replacement, digital credenza locks, and employee storage locks.

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