Digilock Launches 6G Smart Lock Product Line with Cloud Based Network Management System

Elevate security efficiency with DigiLink and simplify lock management

February 3, 2021


Digilock's latest evolution of smart lock technology and DigiLink, a cloud-based network management system, create an intelligently networked ecosystem built on time-tested security architecture.

PETALUMA, Calif., Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Digilock introduces the next evolution in smart lock technology, with Sixth Generation (6G) locks featuring DigiLink, the latest advancement in network management systems. Building upon a legacy of industry-leading personal secured storage, DigiLink lets you manage your facility and users from anywhere, providing the tools to keep your organization safe and sound.

Digilock's 6G locks continue to be wireless to easily install on new builds, retrofits, and upgrades. Customers can design and develop powerful and agile solutions.

"At Digilock, we are inspired by our customers to design innovative solutions that keep items secure, allow them to work the way they want to work, and elevate the human experience," Managing Director Florizel Hancox said.

Digilock, committed to security simplified, continues partnering with its customers by supporting its traditional management systems alongside DigiLink, maximizing managerial flexibility within a facility. From design to installation and beyond, Digilock works with customers to provide efficient, personalized service for their businesses.

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"For four decades, Digilock has remained committed to simplifying security. Our 6G locks continue that tradition, with the DigiLink management system allowing a global system of security to be managed from a single remote location," VP of Sales Clay Gervais said.

The 6G line offers capacitive sensors that allow for ease of access and continue supporting our commitment to efficient energy use. With three different models — Aspire, Versa, and Orbit — now available, 6G wireless locks have the added benefit of flexibility and mobility in any environment or furniture application, whether that be a locker, cabinet, pedestal, or credenza.

Administrators of DigiLink choose ideal functionality based on their organizational needs, and users are provided a unique mobile ID, user pin, or RFID credential to access their personal storage locks. DigiLink's highly robust reporting and auditing system allows administrators to remotely review, update, and audit locks from anywhere at any time.

Digilink and the 6G smart lock product line allow ultimate convenience and control to keep your facility safe and sound. For more information, please visit our website:

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