Upgrading to Keyless Locks Could Save Hospitals Time and Money

Empowering nursing managers with keyless and wireless electronic locks

June 10, 2020

Medical staff

As many know, Nursing Managers have a lot on their plate. They are held accountable for setting and reporting on budgeting goals, ensuring quality patient care, and managing a staff of nurses. If there are two things Nursing Managers need more of they are time and money. A solution for Nursing Managers to save on both is by adopting keyless and wireless electronic locks to safeguard equipment, medication, and patient records.

As hospitals have experienced a lack of capacity to accommodate for a pandemic while spending millions on temporary hospitals, using modular furniture can save both time and money with their capability to move from room to room. Investing in digital locks now can save money for future situations, such as pandemic pop-up hospitals. The portability of medical carts and furniture can be used outdoors, cleaned, and quickly brought back into the hospital facility.

Digilock electronic locks are easily retrofitted to any current locking mechanism, and unlike many other keyless locks, Digilock’s locks are wireless allowing for mobility, security, and ease of use. They are IP-55 rated meaning they can withstand moisture and the use of chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting quickly.  

While admitted to a hospital, Digilock secures bedside storage for personal belongings, secures cabinets for storage in high traffic areas such as exam rooms and offers staff, and patients flexibility as transitions occur between inpatient care and recovery.

Medical carts used to hold sensitive patient information and medical supplies can be installed with the Aspire or Versa locks to free up space in PAR storage rooms and give nurses immediate access to supplies without the use of keys.

With the option for Basic or Advanced Management System and audit trail capabilities, Nursing Managers can easily assign and manage access control permissions while tracking who accessed sensitive material and when it was accessed.

Digilock helps Nursing Managers to save time and money while increasing security for patients. Speak to one of our healthcare business advisors to discuss your hospital’s storage and budgeting needs.