Tech Giant Future-Proofs Personal Security

CHALLENGE:The company’s Open Office Layout Lacked Personal Storage

For many full-time employees, especially those who have longer commutes and/or use public transit, the office becomes a second home. As a result, it’s increasingly important for employers to provide a safe, secure place to stow away personal belongings.

But what about those companies with open offices? Although this layout maximizes space and inspires innovation and collaboration, it doesn’t usually provide employees with a designated area to store their possessions long term. At the end of each day, with shared workstations, employees must pack up all of their items, take them home, then return again the very next day with those same items.

One global software company ran into this exact issue and needed to find a secure storage solution that could evolve with its needs. That’s when Digilock stepped in.

“We had a tight timeline on this project, and Digilock made it happen much to the delight of the project manager who exclaimed, ‘These guys are magicians!’”


Left to right:

5G Aspire RFID with Narrow Body and Pull, 6G Networked Aspire RFID with Narrow Body and Pull, 6G Networked Aspire RFID with custom color.

solution:Digilock’s Fifth-Generation Locks Met Their Needs

For this particular global technology firm, it was important that the office environment reflect the ethos of the company. Digilock’s fifth-generation lock offered the best solution as the firm switched to a new office layout.

When assigning a user to a lock, a manager key is usually required. However, to streamline this process, Digilock provided a way to assign lockers using an employee badge. And to maintain the corporate office aesthetics, Digilock matched the locks to the color of the lockers to make them uniquely theirs.

The evolution:Sixth-generation global management from a single System

Today, this company continues to partner with Digilock to determine what the future of secured storage looks like in its offices.

New installation sites have now been specified with Digilock’s sixth-generation smart locks, which easily retrofit into existing lockers.

Using DigiLink, a cloud-based lock management system, the company can monitor all of its locks through real-time analytics and manage them remotely—whether an administrator is down the hall or outside of the country. And because these locks have wireless data and power, they can be placed into furniture and moved to any location. Digilock’s 6G solutions are designed to grow and change with the company’s needs.