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Product Details




Front Unit

Standard Keypad : RFID

Cue locks operate with an alphanumeric keypad interface. Key managed locks also contain a key slot to operate locks with an ADA compliant User Key.

Power | 4 AA Batteries

Providing battery life of 124,500 cycles for Keypad & 75,000 cycles for RFID.*

*Based on average usage.

Body Style

Front Unit

Finish | Brushed Nickel

Available in standard brushed nickel. Custom finishes are available upon request.

Body | Standard

Available in standard body style with integrated pull handle.

Locking Options

Bolt rear unit


Rear Unit

Features a 1/2” (12.7mm) motorized deadlatch designed for assigned use functionality.

Assigned Use

In assigned use functionality, the locks are designed for lockers that are for private use. The user is assigned a locker and operates it with their assigned user credential.

Latch rear unit


Rear Unit

Features a 1/2” (12.7mm) motorized deadbolt designed for either shared or assigned use functionality.

Shared Use

In shared use functionality, the locks are designed for day-use lockers. The user chooses an available locker and operates it with a self-selected user credential. Once the locker is vacated, it becomes available for a different user.

Welcome to the evolution of lock technology

Management keys

Electronic Key Management

Patented electronic keys offer external power, audit, and override capabilities for a credible management system that significantly enhances productivity and reduces cost.