5 Reasons Why the Workplace Matters in 2021

Considerations for creating a modern office enviroment

December 30, 2020

We are nearing the end of 2020 and looking to the New Year with anticipation and relief, and although working in pajamas at home is nice, there are far more benefits to working in the office. Here are five of the top reasons why the workplace matters in 2021 and how Digilock supports a healthy, happy, productive workplace environment.

1. Human Connection: Research has shown that working in solitude can be unproductive, even if certain daily tasks require a quiet space within the office, the desire to be around other people is more beneficial to employees and the company.

Digilock keeps the workplace collaborative while keeping social distancing requirements with wireless locks on modular furniture which create neighborhoods of space.

2. A Focused Environment: When it comes to work-life balance, it can be difficult to separate the two while working remotely. Having a designated place for work, like the office, allows your brain to enter ‘work mode’. When you clock out for the day, you are then in ‘life mode’ which can be beneficial for mental health and prevent burnout.

Digilock adds to a focused workplace environment by reducing concerns around safety with touch-free storage solutions. When employees are not distracted by the contamination of touchpoints in the workplace, they can focus on the task at hand.

3. Innovation and Creativity: While working remotely, many employees are turning to video calls for meetings, but studies have proven that being in the workplace fosters far more creativity and innovation from teams. This can do wonders for a company by building a collaborative environment that results in better company culture and employee morale.

Digilock fosters creativity and innovation at the workplace with touch-free shared storage solutions. Many companies, such as those in the tech industry, rely on sharing cross-departmentally of important assets. By designating a shared secured storage unit with touch-free access, employees can collaborate while feeling safe.

4. Workspace Comfort and Environment: Comfort in the workplace can include having an ergonomic chair and desk, but the quality and design of our furniture is just as important. Let’s face it, when our workspace looks and feels good, we are better equipped for improved productivity. Typically, the home office lacks an ergonomic set-up, causing employees to fatigue and become complacent. Additionally, having a well-designed workspace promotes efficiency. 

Digilock is known for its high-quality, beautifully designed locks that complement any office furniture. By having a workspace that is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, employees will be happier and produce greater quality work.

5. Technology: Many of us can relate to being in an important video meeting when suddenly a team member’s screen freezes. Time is spent telling them you can’t hear what they are saying rather than actually hearing what they have to say. Being in the workplace offers many technological advantages that the home office just cannot live up to. Other technological benefits of being in the workplace include personal storage security and higher-quality office equipment.

Digilock’s storage security technology allows administration to audit and track users giving invaluable insights into employee activity and managing users remotely.

If you are looking to improve your workplace, contact one of our Product Specialists, and remember to stay 'Safe and Sound' this New Year.