Locker Lock Innovation: The Combination Reimagined

Introducing a new era of Mechanical Lock, the ultimate keyless locker lock.

March 15, 2024

Cleo mechanical locker locks with electronic key management system

In the health and fitness industry, where well-being is a top priority, the safety of personal belongings shouldn't be a workout. When searching for a keyless lock for lockers, mechanical locks are often the go-to choice for gyms and health clubs. Facilities managers have had to choose between electronic locker locks or mechanical combination locks until now. Introducing Cleo — a mechanical combination lock that is battery-free, wire-free, and maintenance-free, all managed with an electronic key. A true first-of-its-kind, Cleo is the next-level mechanical combination lock that seamlessly blends sustainability and convenience. Simple to manage and easy to use, Digilock reimagined the combination lock — delivering innovation, reliability, and sustainability all in one lock.

Combining convenience with sustainability

Making your locker room more sustainable
Mechanical locks are an eco-friendly option for high-traffic locker room environments. Still, they are not as convenient or easy to manage as electronic locks, which can be easily overridden and programmed with the touch of an electronic master key. Historically, facilities have had to choose between sustainability and convenience — now they don’t. Cleo is a battery-free mechanical combination lock and electronic key system. It combines time-saving electronic key management with a sustainable, maintenance-free mechanical lock. Today, facilities can have the best of both. Using Cleo to secure gym lockers provides a maintenance-free, sustainable lock with the ease of an electronic key for managing or opening the lock.

Seamless installation, timeless protection
Retrofitting is a great option if you’re considering replacing your existing locker locks. It allows you to utilize your existing lockers and simply modernize them with an updated lock. Cleo's surface mount option slides seamlessly into a three-hole standard door prep, is wire-free and can accommodate multiple door thicknesses. With no drilling or wires, the process is straightforward. To make it simpler, Cleo is ready out of the box.

Auto-scramble: A new standard in user-friendly security
Scrambling the dials on a combination lock is usually the last step before walking away, confident the locker is secure. Auto-scramble means the lock takes care of this final step for you. Each time a user turns the knob on Cleo, the dials automatically turn back to all zeros. It’s a simple but impactful way to ensure user codes remain confidential and are never accidentally left on the dial. In addition, built-in dials allow users to enter a self-selected 4-digit code with 10,000 possible combinations for added security.

The convenience of an electronic key
Electronic keys revolutionized how locks could be managed. Allowing managers to quickly override or reset a lock with the touch of an authorized key. Initially, electronic keys only worked with electronic locks. Cleo changed that. It's the first lock system that integrates mechanical practicality and technological convenience. With Cleo's Flex Key, managers can swiftly govern locks. Granting user access and ensuring minimal disruption while providing time-saving programming.

Optimizing efficiency and safety with keyless locker locks

Speed and simplicity are essential for the health and fitness industry. Using locks that are easy to use and simple to manage eliminates costly replacements and wasted time. Cleo’s blend of mechanical durability and electronic convenience sets a new benchmark for locker security, offering a seamless, eco-friendly locker security solution.

Selecting the best keyless locker lock for your facility will save time and money for years to come. At Digilock, we know how important selecting the right lock is. Our team is always available to answer questions and guide you along the way.

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